The wild outdoors isn't for everyone, but it's for us. The early risers. The go-getters. The ones who want to see the sunrise and breathe fresh air while we wait for the hunt. But you have to be ready for it. It's cold. It's quiet. It's unpredictable. We wait. Trophies or not, we boldly enter the unknown morning in the woods, prairies, grasslands or desert in wet, hot, cold or dry. That's why we're here. Our advantage keeps you warm when the first snow falls, quiet when the only sounds are leaves falling from the trees, and concealed when the eyes of your game see only the blending of the natural suroundings. The advantage is ours to give you.

Wildfowler continues to innovate and offer great products for every outdoorsman.  Their new soft shell jackets are perfect for upland bird hunting.  The inside fleece is warm and comfortable, yet breathable.  Their new camo patterns make this jacket a great buy for bird hunters and all other hunting applications.  Plus, their huge lineup of gear goes beyond the soft shell jacket.  Wildfowler continues to grow and offer gear that fits all of my hunting needs. 

              Travis Frank – TV Host, The Flush & Rooster Tales