1. Unfold the adjustable frame support. Sit in the blind and check for comfort. If you prefer to be in a higher or lower position, remove the bolts and move the support to one of the other two support positions. Reinstall the bolts.
2. Insert the decoy head into the decoy body.
3. Remove the wing nuts from the decoy holders at the top of the frame. Using the predrilled holes on the side of the decoy, slide the decoy onto one of the threaded stems. Flex the decoy and push it onto the other threaded stem. Replace the wing nuts to secure the decoy.
4. Lift the bottom of the decoy and raise it to a completely open position. Attach the hook on the end of the bungee cord to the hook receiver on the frame support. (Do not attach it to the chain unless you have a Pivoting Goose Decoy Blind.) The bungee cord should be tight when the decoy is in the open position. If not, simply loosen the knot on the end of the bungee cord and retie to shorten the cord. When properly tuned, the bungee cord should hold the decoy secure when you flip it open to shoot. (Always make sure it is working properly before you begin hunting.)
  Your Goose Decoy Blind should now be ready to use.